Mission and Vission


The aim of School of Health is to raise:

1. Nurses that will determine all kinds of needs, plan and apply the care, apply protective and therapeutical health services of healthy or disabled individuals within or out of health institutions by considering the basic problems related to the health of the community,

2. Child development experts that will evaluate the mental, language, motor, social, emotional developments and self-care abilities of the children that normally grow, have a disability, need to be protected, work, children that are refugee and guilty, and children in the hospitals between 0-18 years and provide service for child, parent, educator and the society in supporting all developmental areas and skills.


To be a pioneer educational institution that:

  • has the standards that will be able to compete at each level with high education and instruction quality,
  • is appropriate for neccessities of improving age,
  • is known at a national and an international level in the health area by improving new programs needed by health sector.