About Department

Head of Department: Assist. Prof. Dr. Fadime ÖZDEMİR KOÇAK
Erasmus Coordinator: Rsrch. Assist. Perihan CİVELEK

Farabi Coordinator  Rsrch. Assist.  Dicle AKAY
Mevlana Coordinator: Rsrch. Assist. Simge FİLOĞLU

Aim of Department: Raising child development experts that can: 

  • evaluate the mental, language, motor, social, emotional developments and self-care abilities of the children that normally grow, have a disability, need to be protected, work, children that are refugee and guilty, and children in the hospitals between 0-18 years. 
  • provide service for child, parent, educator and the society in supporting all developmental areas and skills.

Education Language: Turkish (English education for 1 years is optionally given in preparatory class.)

Introduction of Department: Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University The School of Health Child Development Department Undergraduate  Program provides training in the area of child development specialization. Program started educational and academic activities with 40 students in 2014. Students will graduate the program as competent individuals about the subjects given below:

  • All developmental areas of infants, preschool children, school age children and teenagers,
  • Determining the developmental levels,
  • Preparing the appropriate educational programs for children’s developmental levels,
  • Making the organization for educative and developmental environment,
  • Following the development of children in different areas and making new organizations,
  • Giving counseling for and collaborate with parents, persons, institution and association providing service in child development and education,
  • Raising the awareness of the public about the determined topics and
  • Working formation by ensuring coordination with the disciplines related to child-parent. 

Acceptance and Registration Conditions: Candidates with the enough point from point type determined by OSYM will enroll the program. 

Acknowledgement of Previous Learning: The succeed courses by the internal and external transition students in previous associate degree and undergraduate programs will be exempted with the decision of Board of School of Health.

Assessment and Evaluation Essentials: Assessment and Evaluation applied in each course is determined in compliance with Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Education Regulations and Exam Application Essentials and students will be subjected to midterm, final and makeup exams. 

Graduation Conditions: Students should be successful from all courses including applications, and such courses should have minimum 240 AKTS as stated in Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Education and Exam Regulation.

Employment Opportunities: Child Education experts work at the positions determined below in health, social services, education areas and other sectors:
1. Academic personnel at associate degree, undergraduate and postgraduate educational staffs in universities,

2. Administrator, consulter, expert and child development expert in Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, Prime Ministry Disabled Persons Department, Prime Ministry State Planning Organization, 

3. Administrator, expert and child development expert in the units depending on Child Services General Directorate and Family and Community Service General Directorate,

4. Program preparer and inspector in Ministry of Education Basic Education General Directorate, Special Education and Counseling Services General Directorate, Research Planning Coordination Institution Department, Counseling and Research Centers, Public Education Centers and Board of Education and Discipline, 

5. Child development experts in Ministry of Health Center for Maternal and Infant Health and Family Planning, 

6. Program coordinator and child development expert in services with children in hospitals and hospital schools,

7. Founder, administrator, expert and child development expert in public and private preschools, 

8. Founder, administrator, expert and child development expert in public and private, special education, care and rehabilitation centers, 

9. Child development expert and consulter in studies for socially disadvantaged children and their families within units and voluntery associations depending on Ministry of Family and Social Policies, 

10. Expert and consulter in child courts depending on Ministry of Justice and child development experts in reformatories, 

11. Project conductor, researcher and consultant in UNICEF, ILO ve voluntary associations,

12. Productor, consultant and expert in the preparation and conduction of child and youth programs and education programs at radio and television,

13. Productor, writer, consultant and inspector in child theaters and films,

14. Writer, expert, consultant, reductor and editor in the preparation of the publications such as book, journal and newspaper oriented children,

15. Designer, consultant and inspector in the production of educational toys,

16. Child Development and Education Teacher in Vocational School of Girls and preschool teacher by taking the pedagogical formation.

Transition to Programs at Superior Degree: Graduates that complete the program and have the enough academic undergraduate examination (ALES) and foreign language knowledge can apply post graduate and doctoral programs.