3. Development

Tourism Management and Hospitality Undergraduate Program provides a total of 5 years of education, including one year of prep school. According to the data of 2018-2019 academic year, 2 (1.25%) in the prep school, 11 (6.87%) in the first class, 46 (28.75%) in the 2nd grade, 43 in 3rd grade (26.87%) and 58 (36.25%) students are enrolled in the 4th grade. Eight academic and two administrative staff are employed.

There is a computer laboratory with a capacity for 40 people and a conference hall with a capacity of 100 people. There are 2 classrooms for 80 students and 14 classrooms with a capacity of 40 students.

AMADEUS, Materials Control, Fidelio Suite 8 and SPSS programs on Tourism Education in Computer Labs are installed. Course coordinators have training certificates on related programs.

The data on physical resources are included in the 2017-2021 Strategy Plan for the Tourism and Hotel Management Program.