Mission and Vision

The primary objective of Mevlana Exchange Programme is to exchange students and academic staff

between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries.

Additionally, Mevlana Exchange Programme aims;

• Making Turkey a centre of attraction in higher education area,

• Increasing the academic capacity of Turkish higher education institutions,

• Contributing to the globalization process of higher education,

• Sharing the historical and cultural heritage of Turkey in a global scale, Enriching the culture

of respect and tolerance to differences by increasing intercultural interaction

Mevlana Student

Mevlana Exchange Programme Students,

• are willing to recognise and perceive their regions and the world better,

• are open to change,

• are qualified and self-confident,

• have a strong sense of competition,

• have global knowledge and responsibility.

The students, who benefited from Mevlana Exchange Programme, can also benefit from other exchange

programmes before/after participating in this programme.

The students, who participate in the programme after having the requirements, will be given non-refundable

scholarship during their study abroad. The students do not pay any tuition fee to the host

institutions during their exchange period.

Its Difference From Other Exchange Programmes

The current international and regional exchange programmes executed by some countries and regional

organizations have limited contribution to the “globalization of higher education” approach of Turkish

Higher Education Council. Students who apply to Mevlana Exchange Programme, a significant means

of global higher education vision, will have the opportunity to study at a university they desire in any

part of the world.

Additionally, all academic staff who work in a national or foreign higher education institution, on condition

that the higher education institutions signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol, may benefit

from Mevlana Exchange Programme. This mobility includes educational activities to be performed in

host institution.