The establishment of the Faculty of Islamic Studies was decided in 6/6/2013 by the Council of Ministers according to the supplementary article 30 of the Law dated 28/3/1983 and no. 2809 which was published in the Official Gazette dated July 10 2013 and was by the letters of the Ministry of National Education, dated 6/5/2013 and no. 847939-47950.


In the faculty, the duration of education has been 4 years and the language of education has been 30% in Arabic. In Islamic Studies Programme, 1 year compulsory preparation has been instructed in addition to 4 years. The faculty has aimed to educate qualified and competent students in the field of Islamic and Religious Studies through its applicable education programme and it has consisted of the divisions of “Basic Islamic Sciences”, “Islamic History and Arts” and “Philosophy and Religious Sciences” and ten departments under these divisions.