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YDS is a central examination, which is held twice a year in April and September, was first implemented by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in accordance with the decision of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) on 7.04.2013.

How long is YDS?

YDS exam time is 150 minutes.

How is the scoring system in YDS?

The application of ‘get one point for each correct answer and lose ¼ point for each incorrect answer’ in many of OSYM exams is not valid in YDS examination. The value of each incorrect answer in the YDS is 1.25 pounds. For example, a candidate who needs to take 65 from the exam is required to answer correctly 52 items.


How long is a YDS exam score valid?

If you take YDS exam more than once and get different scores, the highest score you get is considered valid. Other points are not taken into consideration.

OSYM Presidency has announced that the YDS score will be valid for an indefinite period of time for the candidates who want to apply in order to be an academic staff. However, this practice may differ from one university to another. For this reason, candidates must follow the relevant announcements of the universities to which they are going to apply.

The YDS validity period for language compensation is 5 years.

What is the content of the YDS exam?

The exam consists of 11 different parts.

Vocabulary – 6 questions

Grammar – 10 questions

Cloze test – 10 questions

Sentence completion – 10 questions

English – Turkish translation – 3 questions

Turkish – English translation – 3 questions

Paragraph completion – 4 questions

Locating the irrelevant sentence in a paragraph- 5 questions

Dialogue completion- 5 questions

Restatement- 4 questions

Reading comprehension passages-20 questions

How to apply for YDS?

You can apply through the ÖSYM Web site candidate transactions section.

Terms of Application for YDS

The YDS guide on the OSYM web site specifies the application conditions.

YDS Examination Centers

YDS is carried out in 81 cities in Turkey and in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Who can take this exam?

-Graduates of undergraduate programs who want to continue their education with a master program

-Associate professors, doctoral candidates

-Students who are studying in the last year of undergraduate programs or in the third year of an undergraduate program can take the exam to study in a master or a doctorate program.

-Those working in any public institution may take the exam determine the level of their foreign language knowledge for a language compensation or overseas duty.

-Candidates who will take Proficiency in Medicine Expert Education (TUS) or the Dentistry Specialization Exam (DUS).

-Those who will take KPSS exam in order to become a civil servant may take the exam upon the request of their institution in order to determine the level of foreign language knowledge.

In which institutions is a YDS exam score valid?

YDS exam score is valid in state institutions and many universities.


It is a computer-based language exam.

E-YDS was first made on 20.09.2014.

All rights granted to candidates taking YDS exam, are also valid for candidates taking E-YDS computer-based exam.

According to the statement of ÖSYM web site, candidates applying to E-YDS exam will not be provided with computer training. For this reason candidates who will apply for the exam must have the knowledge and skills of using computers. In order for the candidates to see the application of E-YDS exam, it is advised to take advantage of the E-YDS test application on the OSYM web site.

How long is E-YDS?

The exam time is 150 minutes.

E-YDS Exam Content

E-YDS is a multiple-choice test consisting of 80 questions. The content of E-YDS is the same as YDS exam.


IELTS (IPA readings /aɪ.ɛlts/), International English Language Testing System is an internationally accepted exam system for determining English language level. The exam, initiated in 1989, is conducted by the Cambridge Examination for English Language Center for Foreigners, British Council and IDP Education Ltd. .

There are two types of the exam; Academic purposes and general purposes. Academic one is required for those who want to study at a university in an English speaking country or to practice their profession in an English-speaking country. General purpose exam is required for non-academic studies, internship or immigration applications.

The IELTS is accepted by almost all of the academic institutions in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa and is approved by most institutions in the United States. The exam is compulsory for immigrant applicants for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

There are no failures in the exam. The exam is based on leveling between results 1 (no knowledge) and 9 (expert). Exam results over two years old are considered invalid.

IELTS is the most popular exam in the world for higher education and immigration applications. In 2009, 1.4 million people applied for the exam in 130 different countries.


(Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test that measures the ability to use and understand standard American English at university level. The exam may be in one of three forms, depending on the form and content of the examination from applicants who have not been trained in English:

The computerized test consists of four parts. These sections evaluate their reading comprehension, grammar knowledge, listening comprehension and writing skills. The difficulty of the questions in the listening and grammar sections is adjusted by the computer during the examination, depending on the correctness of the answers given.

The paper-based test is given at test centers where no computerized test can be given. This test will test the areas of the computerized test, but it will involve more questions than the computerized test and the writing score will be judged separately from the test.

Testing over the Internet (TOEFL® iBT) has been in use since 2006. In this test format, the grammar section has been removed, but a new chapter on speaking ability has been added. Educational Testing Services in America organizes this test several times a year in most countries of the world.