Youth in Action Programme

Youth in Action

What is Youth in Action?

With this program, young people can participate in various events both at home and abroad, can make projects, prepare international or local projects.

Who can apply? There are various opportunities for all young people in the Youth in Action Program. It can be Civil Society Organizations, Public Organizations or Ordinary Groups. If you are not a member, establish a group! At least 4 young people should come together. You should make a gender balanced group as much as possible, give your group a name and apply! Young people who want to prepare projects and gain experience in non-formal education can apply for free trainings and meetings that we announce on our website in the news and events section. Young people / youth workers who speak English can also apply for foreign trainings / seminars that are announced in the same section.

Is there a condition for the knowledge of a foreign language? No its not. Young people who do not speak a foreign language can also participate in the projects.

Programs under the Youth in Action program are called as Actions.

Action 1.1 Youth Exchanges,

Action 1.2 Youth Initiatives,

Action 1.3 Youth Democracy Projects,

Action 2 European Voluntary Service,

Action 3.1 Cooperation with EU Neighboring Countries,

Action 4.3 Training and Networking for Youth Workers and Youth Organizations

Action 5.1 Meetings for Youth and Youth Policy Officers.

Accepted age groups: Between 13-30 for Action 1.1, 15-30 for Action 1.2, 13-30 for Action 1.3, 18-30 for Action 2, Action 3.1 13-30 for Youth Exchanges, Action 3.1 Unlimited for Training and Networking , Unlimited for Action 4.3, and 15-30 for Action 5.1. For group leaders, the age limit is not generally taken into consideration.

There are grants in the Youth in Action Program: If you are planning to make your project with young people from EU countries, please refer to Action 1.1, Action 1.2, Action 1.3, Action 3.1, 4.3 or 5.1; If you want to do it only in Turkey and without a foreign partner you should go for Action 1.2 (3-18 months), if you want to go to European Union countries for 2-12 months to do European Voluntary Service, apply for Action 2. If the project includes partners from the Balkan countries, Caucasus or Mediterranean countries, apply for Action 3.1. If you are aiming for democratic participation of young people, you can apply to Action 1.3. Youth exchange activities are available in both 1.1 and 3.1. Activities such as seminars, training courses are also possible in 4.3 and 3.1. If you are an organization, you can apply for Action 2 by preparing a host organization project. You can host young people from EU countries and you can work with them voluntarily for 2-12 months.