Speaking Portfolio Project 3


Announcement Date: 15.03.2022

Submission Deadline: 15.04.2022

ACTIVITY – Video Recording

TASK: Shoot a 3-4 minutes video. 

A1 Level

Choose  ‘a’ or ‘b’

a) Do you prefer living in a modern city or in the countryside? Give details of your choice.

b) Create a video résumé application for your dream job.

A2 Level

Choose ‘a’ or ‘b’

a) How is your typical week in the School of Foreign Languages? What are some new things you’ve learned recently? 

b) Create a video résumé application for your dream job.

B1 Level

Shoot a video about your life in Bilecik (your school, dormitory, free time activities, etc.)



  • Minimum 3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes.
  • Use as much vocabulary as you can. Videos will be graded based on:
  1. Content & Organization
  2. Language use
  3. Speaking Skills
  4. Delivery
  5. Presentation of the material
  • The video should be one piece. ( this can involve the student starting the video then pausing and continuing to generate a whole final single video project).
  • The student can include relevant photo’s and visual material in the video.
  • The student must not read from a pre-written script to the video camera.
  • The video must not just be audio sound or just pictures or just the surroundings being filmed and no narration, the student also needs to be visible throughout the whole video to ensure the student isn’t reading from a pre-written script.
  • The student will start the video by saying their first name, surname, and class. 
  • If the student submits the video after the deadline it will not be graded.