Kahoot Competition 2019



The Kahoot Comepetition is going to be held in the laboratories of B and F block on 25 April, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Kahoot is an online application which is in the form of a competition.
Students must be ready in the announced laboratories 15 minutes before the competition starts. Students who have not arrived during this time will not be able to participate. Entrance will be allowed after ID check.
In the competition, students will see the questions on the projection screen and give their answers on their computer. The questions need to be answered in a given time. Among the correct answers, the ones answered more quickly will score more points. Questions will be in English and they will include grammar, music, sports, art, history, geography, science and literature subjects.
The students who deserve to take part in the final (26.04.2019) will be announced on our website later on competition day.

Note: The competition is open only to English prep students.