2.4. Assurances

Lessons and contents of the unit as well as information packages are secured. Information packages were prepared in English and Turkish for each course and ECTS workload calculations were published as a curriculum in Bologna web page.


Course Information Packages,

2.4.1. Information Forms (Course)

The current courses in the Tourism Management and Hospitality Management Program are published on the web page. Related content can be accessed here.

2.4.2. Application Files (Course) Application Schedule Evaluation Reports (Faculty Member) Survey Results (Student Assessment) Exam Files

At the end of the semester, the examination files are stored in the student works archive. Exam Questions and Scores


Exam points are available to students via Student Information System. Solutions Copy of Most High-Medium-Low Answer Paper Course Files Best Project / Application Official Note List


Grade announcements are shared with the students via the Student Information System (OBS). At the end of the course, the memo list is stored in the student affairs archive with the attendance reports.


2.4.3. Course Application Files Program Outcomes Evaluation Report Course Outputs Matrix Learning Outcomes Assessment Survey Evaluation and Recommendations (Evaluation and Recommendations for Providing Section and Program Outcomes)