Program Capabilities of Tourism Management and Hospitality Department

Students who successfully complete the Department of Tourism Management and Hospitality will have the following knowledge, skills and qualifications in their fields of competence.

1 To have advanced level of knowledge and understanding supported by the most up-to-date information on tourism and hotel management, including textbooks, application tools and materials and other scientific resources.
2 To identify, to discuss, to analyze and to use the results, to evaluate the concepts, ideas and data in the field of tourism and hotel management with scientific methods.
3 To be able to produce evidence based solutions by using knowledge and skills in unpredictable problems in tourism and hotel applications.
4 To be able to plan, manage and take responsibility as an individual and / or team member in a certain process in the field of tourism and hospitality.
5 To be able to plan and manage activities for the professional development of those working under the responsibility of tourism and hotel management and to train shareholders and stakeholders.
6 To have the ability of critical thinking, generating alternative solution, defining weaknesses and strengths of the ways of approaching problems, reasoning and analyzing information from different sources.
7 To have the ability of verbal and written communication in the mother tongue and to be able to speak correctly and effectively, to have high persuasion performance and the ability to interpret and criticize.
8 To have a sufficient understanding of at least one foreign language in order to follow developments in the field and to communicate with colleagues.
9 To have knowledge of computer software and hardware required by the field of tourism and to use information technologies.
10 Ability to develop a strategic approach to the future by establishing numerical and statistical research skills, analytical thinking and interpreting results.
11 To have adequate knowledge on the field of tourism by following the basic regulations and principles, and on management and protection of natural environment.
12 Responsible people to know the relevant interests, requests and needs, to recognize the socio-cultural and economic characteristics of the country and the surrounding area, to plan, implement and manage the teaching and learning processes.
13 To make self-evaluation for continuous development, to make new initiatives and ideas, to develop itself and institution.
14 As a graduate of the department of tourism and hotel management, planning and conducting activities for professional development in tourism enterprises.