Program Capabilities of Accounting and Auditing Department

Students who successfully complete the Department of Accounting and Auditing will have the following knowledge, skills and qualifications in their fields of competence.

1 Equipped with up to date advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing.
2 To be able to use accounting information in strategic, tactical and operational dimension, analyze and design this information in the organizational level.
3 To adapt easily to business environment through both theoretical and application based accounting and auditing issues this required by public and private sector.
4 Especially for information technology, to monitor modern methods and technologies in the field of accounting, use them effectively and gain the ability to renew itself continuously.
5 To gain application skills, by making on-the-spot checks regarding the processes related to his or her field both in public and private sectors.
6 The students will be able to pay attention to the environment, social responsibility, quality and innovation in every condition, and the students will also able to collect the right datas accordingly.
7 Working efficiently and effectively, learning how to be a team member, taking responsibilities, being open minded, constructive, vulnerable to criticism and having self confidence.
8 To know and apply the professional ethical codes of accounting and auditing in business life and act according to social, scientific and ethical values under any circumstances such as data collection, evaluation, announcing and practicing.
9 Acquiring leadership qualifications and applying them successfully.
10 Able to use a foreign language as fluent as possible for both chasing the scientific publication and developing proper communication with colleagues from other countries.
11 To gain ability to follow development and changing of both theoretical and practical skills in the field of accounting in local, national, international and global dimension.
12 Consistent with team work, to have initiative, have ability of analytical thinking, open to innovation and change, entrepreneur and gain lifelong learning behavior.
13 Conduct studies at an advanced level in the field independently.
14 To be able to organize projects and activities for the social environment in which he lives with his social responsibility.