Program Capabilities of Banking and Finance Department

Students who successfully complete the Department of Banking and  Finance will have the following knowledge, skills and qualifications in their fields of competence.

1 Have basic concepts, up-to-date and theoretical knowledge in the field of banking and finance.
2 To use the acquired knowledge and skills in solving financial processes, implement by thinking analytical and strategic.
3 Take it to evaluate the financial markets and financial institutions in the context of information obtained.
4 To be open to the responsibilities of team work in the field related issues.
5 Be open to individual responsibility in the field of banking and finance.
6 To be able to establish and interpret cause-effect relationship between financial events.
7 To transfer knowledge and skills about financial matters orally and in writing, to communicate.
8 To understand and use a foreign language in order to follow developments in financial matters and communicate.
9 To be able to use information, communication technologies and package programs at the level required by the field.
10 To be able to prioritize social welfare in the field-related issues and to be able to evaluate and comment on ethical values.
11 To be able to monitor the relations of financial markets and institutions in a manner that respects all stakeholders within their internal and external environment.
12 To give importance to environment, social responsibility, quality and innovation under all conditions, to collect the data in the appropriate direction.
13 To be open to life-long learning by constantly improving the knowledge and skills acquired in field of banking and finance.
14 To be able to critically evaluate knowledge and skills in the field.
15 To be able to follow the processes in economy by having knowledge about finance issues in general and banking issues in particular.