The aim of the Finance and Banking Department is to give the opportunity to learn about the changes and developments in the banking and finance sectors and thus contribute to the training of the expert human resources required by the sector. For this purpose, it is aimed to educate the individuals who question the latest developments on business practices such as business, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, statistics, law, as well as professional practices such as banking.


To educate our students for increased demands of the private and government sectors. In the Department of Finance and Banking program, students will be able to apply the necessary skills and know-how in order to provide sectoral requirements such as basic law, banking law, commercial paper, law, mathematics, statistics, accounting, banking-credit operations, finance, financial analysis, investment and project evaluation, financial instruments and institutions etc.


Graduation Requirements

In order for a student to graduate from the Department of Finance and Banking he or she has enrolled, he or she is required to complete sucessfully the compulsory and elective courses which require at least 240 ECTS credits, get at least DD or S grades from all of the courses and must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00. In addition, the student must complete 40 working days internship successfully.


Professional Profile of Graduates 

Graduates who have been successfully completed four years of training and compulsory internships in the Department of  Finance and Banking can work in banks, leasing, factoring, consumer finance companies, insurance companies and brokerage firms. In addition, the Central Bank of Turkey Republic, the Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency, and the Saving Deposits Insurance Fund , Capital Markets Board, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Graduates who have knowledge and improved themselves in banking and finance, have opportunity easily find a job in related fields.