Avrupa Birliği Projeleri Ortaklık Arayışları

Partner Search for SMEI Phase 2: Optical Density Recognition Product Oriented To Lab Digitisation Processes
Partner Search for LC-SC3-RES-14-2019: Looking for an offshore wind turbine operator (RDGR20180625001)
Partner Search for H2020-SFS-16-2018 Stage 2: Searching for SME manufacturer of organic fruit juices
Partner Search for – LC-RES-1-2019 – Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies
Partner Search for EU Project: “Stable Operation of Biogas Plants for Organic Waste Using Innovative Measurement Systems in combination with Computational Intelligence Techniques”
Partner Search for H2020 – Eurostars: Request for a medical device company specialized in biological glue for an Apex closing system for this innovative medical device in mini-invasive cardiac surgery (direct annuloplasty, mitral repair) (RDFR20180531001)
Horizon 2020/ MSCA: Researcher in optoelectronics /photonic sought (RDDE20180509001)
Partner Search for EUROSTARS Project looking for biobank specialised in Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases (RDFR20180531002)
UK-based university with an existing consortium seeks partners for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas around smart and healthy living at home/personalised medicine (RDUK20180611001)
Partner Search for H2020 / MSCA / Individual Fellowships: researcher (MD or PHD) in biomedicine / biotechnology with technical skills for the development of a mini mobile laboratory to perform toxicological testing of substances, chemicals, ingredients, etc. on site (RDDE20180220001)