Our students who are studying in our vocational school have a 30-day internship in the school process. The attached instruction can be read. The date ranges determined for the internship are announced annually.

Since the institutions determine the quota for the students who will do their internship, it is in their own interest that the students who will apply for internship will not delay their applications.

The steps for the internship application are as follows:
– The student receives a certificate from our school that he / she is obliged to do an internship.
– This document is applied to the institution to be internship.
– Acceptance letter that the internship to be taken from the institution is appropriate is approved by the consultant and file import procedures are started.
– The required forms are filled in and the internship file is arranged on the student’s behalf.
– Receives the student file and internship between the determined dates.

Note: Students who do not have insurance are insured by our school during the internship.

2018 / 2019 Internship Dates (will update)

It is essential that the students who wish to count the Saturday as the working day should be stated that they are working in the internship admission documents on Saturday.

Intership dates for Post-Summer and Summer School dates.