Landscape and Ornamental Plants

Information about Programme

Today, landscape architecture activities play an important role in the elimination of environmental problems as a result of rapidly developing urbanization and increasing constructions.

There is a need for qualified intermediate elements in landscape architecture studies, which are a branch of science and art that deals with the planning and design of open and green areas. The Landscaping and Ornamental Plants Program was established in order to meet the needs of the required intermediate staff.

In the Landscape and Ornamental Plants program, which provides education with 3 + 1 model in our school, 120 ECTS credits are completed at the end of 4 semesters and internship for 30 working days.

Students who graduated from this program; She can continue her undergraduate degree programs in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Forest Engineering and Agricultural Engineering with Vertical Transfer Exam.

The departments where landscape and ornamental plants technicians take responsibility in different sectors are as follows:

Public institutions,


Landscape Architecture project and application offices,

Nurseries that produce and sell ornamental plants,

Greenhouses producing and selling ornamental plants,

Construction companies

Academic Staff