Department was established in 2002. Automotive Technology Program, courses include necessary theoretical knowledge and experimental skills and talent by the applications of traditional and modern technology. Laboratories of the department that have the equipment of modern research equipment. Graduates have the opportunity to work in the production of traditional and modern technological automotive industries.



The aim of the automotive program is training innovative, analytical thinking manpower who can design, manufacture,maintenance and repair work motor vehicles used in road transport.


Targeted training of technical personnel who;
Knows forming elements of the automotive industry and understand the basic working principles of vocational interests,
Knows the responsibility as a technician of manufacturing or aftermarket service of automotive sector,
Knows the legal industrial responsibility as a technician,
Use technical language, has capable of drawing, can read graphic image,

Use devices and equipments of the assembly and quality control units in different production levels

Use the basic equipment of the vehicle repair and diagnosing instruments,
Knows the profession enforcing standarts,
Take responsibility for management positions,
Acquired the habit of a planned and systematic study.


Academic Staff