The machine program was established in 1992. 4 instructors and 1 mechanical technician work in this department. All activities at Machine Department are designed together with the instructors and the Directorate of Bilecik Vocational School. Professional studies can be done by supporting basic technical trainings with laboratory applications. Courses in the Machine Manufacturing Program; theoretical and practical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities are given according to modern technology applications. The program’s laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment to provide scientific support. Graduates of Machinery Department have been working as a technician in the manufacturing industry.


The purpose of the Machine Program; To produce Machine Manufacturing Technicians who meet the quality criteria demanded by the manufacturing industry. Students,

  • Ability to recognize and use production tools and techniques used in manufacturing industry.
  • Ability to recognize and use the tools and techniques used in machining and chipless production.
  • Gains knowledge and skills in Welding Technology.
  • The ability to use and calibrate measurement and control instruments used during manufacturing.
  • Ability to prepare technical drawings by hand and at AUTOCAD environment.
  • By writing and loading programs(G&M codes) for CNC machines, production.ability are gained.
  • Knowledge of production planning and production management techniques are gained.
  • Ability to use communications technology is gained.
  • Ability to use office programs are learned.
  • New production techniques and quality management systems and management information and skills are gained.


Computer Labs

Students can use the university computer labs. All computers in the computer labs have internet connection. Application software and application programs can be developed by using all computers.

Material Testing Laboratory

Material hardness, tensile, compression, bending, rupture, torsion and fatigue tests are performed. Non-destructive testing methods are applied.

Working on the CNC machines by writing CNC programs (G&M codes) in computer environment.


Metrology Laboratory

Application of measurement and control techniques.

Machining Workshop

Manufacturing applications are made with machine tools used in machining.

Our capacity in this workshop;

There are 10 lathes, 3 universal milling machines, 1 guillotine shears, plasma cutter, 3 drill stands, oxy acetylene and gas welding machines, hydraulic press, hydraulic bending machine, pipe and groove manufacturing machines, cylindrical, plane grinding and tool grinding machines etc.


There is a Library and Information Center on campus for students to benefit from.

Academic Staff