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Chemistry is a versatile field of study. On the one hand, it is in the service of the market economy. On the other hand, it also supports other technical areas. Thus, it is the driving force of the chemical, plastic, paint, fibre, fertilizer, petroleum, additives and petrochemical products industries. On the other hand, modern medicine is the backbone of bio-medical research and pharmacology. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities of the technicians working in various fields of chemical industry are of great importance. Graduates of this program can work in the industry, quality control and chemistry laboratories, health, research and test centres.

Library, Laboratories


Computer Laboratory

Students can use the university computer lab. All computers in the computer lab have an internet connection. Software applications can be done on all computers.


General Chemistry Laboratory

Experimental description of the structure of the mine, Measurements related to density, calculations and calculation of molecular weight, Experiments describing the relationship between pressure, volume, temperature and quantity in gases, Effects of temperature and concentration on reaction rate are investigated.


Organic Chemistry Laboratory

The absorption point of an organic solid object can be determined experimentally using oil baths and hot methods. Acid and saponification analysis can be carried out in oils.


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Qualitative and quantitative analysis, Gravimetric analysis, Volumetric analysis (titration), Potentiometric analysis, Oxidation reduction analysis, Spectrophotometric analysis can be performed.


Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Spectroscopic analysis, Chromatographic analysis, Calorimetric methods, Atomic suction stroscopy analysis Paper and thin layer analysis Gas chromatography analysis can be performed.

Academic Staff