GENERAL INFORMATIONOur unit was established as a Construction Technology Program under the Construction Department in 1992 within the body of Vocational School and started its education. In the section 1 Dr., 2 Instructors and 1 Construction Technician are working. The activities related to the department are designed together with the instructors and the Directorate of Bilecik Vocational School. In the program, under the management of engineers and architects in buildings and constructions, construction technicians who carry out the construction of the buildings in accordance with the project and specifications and construction repair works are trained.

In the program, 3 + 1 training model has been started and 3 courses are given as theoretical and practical courses within the university, while 1 lesson period is applied as practical training in the workplace. The department is advantageous in terms of laboratory conditions and has Asphalt, Soil, Concrete and Material laboratories. Our graduates; Construction Technician with the title of Public T.C. They can work in State Railways, Highways, State Hydraulic Works, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Zoning Directorates in Municipalities and Science Works. In addition, they work in private sector as Chiefs in Construction Sites, in Construction Inspection Firms (supervisory), Laboratories, Concrete Plants, Architecture and Engineering offices.



The purpose of the Construction Technology Program; The aim of this course is to provide the students with theoretical knowledge and skills to be able to apply in construction science, to be able to apply construction regulations and regulations, to be able to perform quality and control in construction laboratories. The students practice at the laboratory and pilot facilities to gain these skills.



Computer Laboratory: Students can use the computer lab of the college. All computers in the computer lab have internet connection. Software applications can be done on all computers.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory: Consolidation, permeability, hydrometer, consistency limits, specific gravity, unit volume weight, disturbed and undisturbed sampling, CBR, sieve analysis, compaction, shear box, uniaxial and triaxial pressure tests and ground surveys are actively carried out.

Concrete Laboratory: Sieve analysis, concrete quality control with destructive and non-destructive methods, concrete compressive strength determination, fresh concrete consistency analysis, slump test, amount of air trapped in fresh concrete, unit volume weight test, determination of hardened concrete density, web experiment, compression factor test , core drilling, core drilling works are active.

Cement Laboratory: Bending strength in cement, compressive strength in cement, determination of consistency in cement, determination of initiation and end determination, determination of expansion, determination of hydration heat, specific gravity test with pycnometer method.

Aggregate Laboratory: Sieve Analysis, determination of aggregate compressive strength, unit volume weight determination, specific gravity, methylene blue test, determination of organic matter, aggregate sample preparation methods, flatness test The rate determination is carried out actively in experimental studies.

Topography and Measurement Laboratory: Horizontal distance measurement (jalon, tape measure, with the use of plows and digital measurement devices), Prism method with vertical stroke and upright, Nivo, mira, the use of theodolite leveling studies, slope pickup, slope detection, jeans making , field account is made in the field.

Static Laboratory: Static systems (simple beams, bridges, lattice systems) are shown as applied studies.

Transportation Laboratory: Experiments applied to bituminous materials (marshall blanket, penetration, duclity, coring work are carried out.

Wood Workshop: Wood formwork, scaffolding, wood joining methods, wooden roof systems are being applied.

Masonry Workshop:Wall weave shapes, mortar construction techniques, surface coating works, surface protection application works are carried out.


There is a Library and Information Center in the campus for students to benefit from.

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