Control and Automation Technologies


The program was established in 1992. Industrial Automation 3 instructors and 1 Industrial Automation technician are working. Program related activities are designed together with the instructors and the Directorate of Bilecik Vocational School.

In this section, professional studies can be done by supporting basic technical trainings with laboratory applications. Courses in Industrial Automation Program; theoretical and practical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities are given according to modern technology applications. The program’s laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment to provide scientific support. Graduates work as technical staff in Industrial Automation industry.


The objective of the Industrial Automation Program; To produce Automation Technicians with the quality criteria demanded by the automation industry. Students,

  • Ability to recognize and use the production tools and techniques used in automation industry.
  • Ability to recognize and use tools and techniques used in industrial production.

Pneumatic-Hydraulic knowledge and skills are gained.

  • The ability to use and calibrate the measurement and control instruments used during the automotion.
  • In the AUTOCAD environment, or by the ability to draw pictures of Manufacture by hand.
  • By writing the PLC program, you can download these programs to PLC machines and gain the ability to perform the program.
  • Production Planning and Production Management techniques are acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to use communication technologies.
  • Ability to use office programs.
  • Gain knowledge and skills about new production and management techniques and quality management systems.


Computer Laboratory

Students can use the university computer lab. All computers in the computer lab have internet connection. Application software and application programs can be developed on all computers.

Hydraulic-Pneumatic Laboratory

Circuit design with control and control elements used in pneumatic systems. Circuit design with control and control elements used in hydraulic systems

Process Measurement Laboratory

Development of Flow Measuring Methods, Temperature Measurement Methods and Calibration Improvement, Development of Level Measurement Methods, Pressure Measurement Methods and Calibration Improvement


There is a Library and Information Center on campus for students to benefit from.


Academic Staff