Electronic Technology Program was established in 1991. In our program, 2 lecturers and 1 electronic technician are working. Normal (Day) teaching is done in the program. The program has a quota of 40.


The aim of this program is to educate the electrical energy in the industry by controlling the electrical energy required in the industry and to provide the electronic control of the production in the factories.


In the program, basic education is supported by the current scientific and technological vocational education laboratory practices and professional work is provided. Courses in the electronic technology program; necessary theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities are given according to traditional and modern technology applications. The department’s laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment to provide scientific support.

Students can use the computer laboratory of the college. All computers in the computer lab have internet connection. Application software and application programs are used in all computers. Basic electronic measurements, alternative and direct current circuit analysis experiments, analog electronic experiments, operational amplifier experiments. Microprocessor and microcontroller software and applications, Basic and advanced programmable logic control (PLC) software and applications, electric motors and drivers, servo synchro mechanism experiments can be made. Our students have recently passed 3 + 1 education system application in industrial enterprises to prepare printed circuit, soldering, assembly, measurement, error and fault finding, etc. gain skills and various business experiences.


Graduates can work in research institutes in the field of electronics, communication, power systems and automation in the same way in the traditional and modern technology-producing industries. At the end of 4 semesters, the program is completed by 120 ECTS. In order to enter this program, you must have high school diploma. Vocational high school graduates and high school graduates are placed with university entrance exam.

Students who graduate from this program take the title of electronic technician. The electronic technician is a technical person who connects the engineer responsible for the production and the master-worker who performs the production as a necessity of the theoretical and applied education and training. It is responsible for the efficient working of the workers, the targeted product quality and achieving the standards.

After graduation from our program, our students have been transferred to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Physics, Control Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Meteorology Engineering, Aircraft Electrical-Electronics, and Space Engineering. they can continue to the sections.

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