Electronical Communication


Program was established in 1992. In this program, 2 lecturers are on duty. Department-related activities are designed with lecturers and Vocational School. In the program, basic education is supported by the current scientific and technological vocational training laboratory practices and professional studies are provided. Courses in the program; necessary theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities are given according to traditional and modern technology applications. The department’s laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment to provide scientific support.


Emerging technology and market-adapted, equipped with basic information,compare and discuss the problems from different perspectives and solutionsin the field can produce a program to educate students wanted.


Electronic Communication Technology is to produce and disseminate the knowledge and technology that the national and international community needs by educating individuals who are internationally competitive in this field, have knowladge and can produce rational solutions about manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance and repairs of communication devices such as radio, telephone, computer, fax, are respectfull to social values and are tied to professional ethics.



  • Computer Laboratory
  • Analog and Digital Communication Systems Laboratory
  •  Data Transfer Laboratory
  •  Antenna and Microwave Laboratory
  •  Telephone Switching Laboratory


For graduates of this program there is wide range of possible employment opportunities. Graduates can work in many private and state sectors where electronic communication technologies are produced, transferred and marketed.

  1. Rapidly growing telephone and internet sector in private and state sector.
  2. Electronic communication departments of defense industry.
  3. Private and state television-radio sector.
  4. Mobile communication firms (GSM)
  5. Satellite communications sector.
  6. Any sector that provides production, maintenance and reparation related to transfer and distribution of information.

Radar departments of establishments which provide air, land and sea freight services.

Academic Staff