Computer Programming

About Us

The department was established in 2002. The department has 3 lecturers. The activities related to the department are designed together with the lecturers and the Directorate of Bilecik Vocational School. In the department, basic education is supported professionally by supporting the current scientific and technological vocational education with computer applications.

The courses offered in the Computer Technologies and Programming program are based on theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities, according to modern technology applications.

Graduates will have the opportunity to work as a system specialist in data processing centers, computer programmer and computer systems companies in programming companies.


The aim of the computer technologies and programming program; The aim of this course is to provide the students with the ability to use computers, to use the current software effectively and efficiently, to develop the skills of software development and application. Corporate communication and working experience in the Internet environment, computer hardware and software to install and operation experience, the Internet environment to gain the necessary experience for enterprise and management can be summarized as. Students in this program are trained as computer programmer, system analyst and system expert.


Computer Laboratories

Students can use the university computer lab. All computers in the computer lab have internet connection. Application software and application programs can be developed on all computers.


There is a Library and Information Center on campus for students to benefit from.

Academic Staff