Mission and Vision


To raise versatile, participatory and responsible individuals who sensitive to the common values of humanity,  whose environmental, cultural and aesthetic awareness has advanced, to prepare and improve quality, current and innovative programs that use the developing technology of education, science, technology and art for activities aimed at the development of the society, in areas of need, to establish a bridge between industry, local governments, non-governmental organizations, the business world and the University at national and international level, to contribute to the improvement of overall quality of life, to provide the institutional experience and equipment of our university effectively for the benefit of the society in every area of ​​life.




To improve the quality of life of the society with the educational services provided, to be a leading center  which provide lifelong education, research and consulting support to individuals and institutions with diversity of training areas and high quality of service in the process of transition to information society, to help individuals and institutions to develop and use their potential in the most effective way, to contribute the university’s contact process with society by collaborating with public/private sector, industry, local government, business world and non-governmental organizations, to carry out activities to raise the artistic, social and cultural consciousness of the society in a contemporary sense.