Second Period Course Content


  1. Week: Treaty of Sevres

(Paris Peace Conference, London Conference, San-Remo Conference, Treaty of Sevres and Reactions against the Treaty of Sevres)

  1. Week: Fronts and War in the National Struggle Period

(Sources of National Struggle, Eastern Front (Ottoman State and Armenians), War with Armenians and Gümrü Treaty, Turkish-Soviet Relations in the National Struggle Period (Moscow and Kars Treaties)

  1. Week: Southern Front

(Maraş, Antep, Urfa and Adana Defenses)

  1. Week: Western Front I

(Greek Occupation, Transition from the National Forces to the Regular Army, the First Battle of İnönü, London Conference, II İnönü Battle)

  1. Week Hafta: Western Front II

(Eskişehir Kütahya Wars, Commander-in-Chief, Tekalif-i Milliye Orders, Great Attack, Mudanya Armistice)

  1. Week: Lausanne Peace Conference

(Issues Discussed at the Lausanne Conference)

  1. Week Hafta: Principles of Atatürk

Nationalism, Populism, Revolutionism, Republicanism, Secularism, Statism, Integrative Principles

  1. Week: MID TERM EXAM
  2. Week: Atatürk Revolution I

(Political Revolutions, Revolutions in Law)

  1. Week: Atatürk’s Revolutions II

(Reforms in the Economy, Education and Social Fields (Hat Law, Closing of Tekke, Zaviye and Tombs, Adoption of the Surname Law, Adoption of International Time, Calendar, Number and Measurement Units, Tevhid-i Tedrisat Law, Letter and Turkish Language Revolutions, Development of Universities)

  1. Week: Transition Trials to Multi-Party Life and Period of Taxation

(Republican People’s Party, Progressive Republican Party, Free Republican Party, Sheikh Sait Rebellion, Izmir Assassination, Menemen Incident)

  1. Week: Foreign Policy of Atatürk Period (1923-1932)

(Turkish-British relations, Greek-Turkish relations, Turkish-Soviet relations, Turkish-French relations, Turkish-Italian relations, Turkey’s Relations with Islamic Countries)

  1. Week: Foreign Policy of Atatürk Period (1932-1938)

(Turkey’s entry to the League of Nations, the Balkan Entente, Sadabat Pact, the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, Hatay Question)

  1. Week: İsmet İnönü Period and Transition to Multi-Party Life (1938-1945)

(II. World War II in the process of Turkish Foreign Policy II. World War and in Turkey, Political, Economic and Social Developments, Multiparty Transition)