First Period Course Content


1. Week: Modernization Efforts in the Ottoman Period

(Selim III Period and Reforms, Change and Transformation Movements of Mahmud II Period)

2. Week: The Tanzimat Period

(Sultan Abdülmecid Period and Gülhane Hatt-ı Humayunu, Islahat Fermanı, Sultan Abdülaziz Period and New Ottomans Movement)

3. Week: The Constitutional Monarchy Period

(The proclamation of the 1st Constitutional Monarchy and the Law-i Esasi, Announcement of the Second Constitutional Monarchy)

4. Week: The Battle of Tripoli

(The Battle of Tripoli and The Treaty of Ouchy)

5. Week: Balkan Wars

(Beginning of the Balkan War and the Treaty of London, the Second Balkan War)

6. Week: World War I and Fronts-I

(Polarization in Europe, Ottoman Empire’s Entry to War, Caucasus-Iraq and Channel Fronts)

7. Week: World War I and Fronts-II

(Çanakkale Front-Sea and Land Wars-European Fronts-Facades of Dobrudia and Galicia-South Front-Hijaz, Yemen and Syria Fronts)


9. Week: The Plans of Sharing the Ottoman Empire in World War I and The Armistice of Mondros

(The consequences of World War I, the Armistice of Mondros)

10. Week: Foundations in Anatolia, Mustafa Kemal’s Arrival in Istanbul Activities and Transition to Anatolia

(The Situation of Anatolia, Harmful Societies Founded by Minorities, Harmful Societies Established by Turks, Useful Societies, Mustafa Kemal’s Arrival in Istanbul and Their Activities in here, Izmir’s Occupation, Mustafa Kemal’s Transition from Istanbul to Anatolia)

11. Week: National Struggle Preparation Phase-I

(Mustafa Kemal’s Exit to Samsun, the first stop on the road to Erzurum: Havza, Amasya Circular and Erzurum Congress)

12. Week: National Struggle Phase-II

(Balıkesir Congress, Alaşehir Congress, Sivas Congress, Amasya Meetings)

13. Week: Opening and Last Developments of the Last Ottoman Parliament

(The delegation of the delegation to Ankara, the opening of the last Ottoman Parliament, National Pact Decisions, the occupation of Istanbul)

14. Week: Opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

(Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the opening of the Assembly’s feature, the uprisings which began with the opening of the Assembly, Out Uprisings National Struggle Period)